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Hex Com Tool is a serial software terminal program that can be used to communicate with just about any rs232 peripheral. This reliable serial software program is great for embedded developers and it can transmit and receive serial data in Hex or ASCII. RS232 Hex Com Tool is easy to use and rs232 setup data can be saved for multiple peripherals and later retrieved for easy setup of each individual device. Retrieving the setup can even open the com port. Top features include: non standard baud rates, click to send, helpful right click menus, etc. New features in RS232 Hex Com Tool version 6.0 include: Quick click window, auto detect hardware, auto add bytes, delay between bytes, add and calculate checksum and Modbus CRC, stay on top, variable window transparency, many main and right click menu additions. v6.01 adds fix for CR/LF in Ascii mode.

Systems: Windows

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